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Tools, 5 old wrenches, 1920s to 1950s. Estate Finds

5 old wrenches from estate sale

Tools, 5 old wrenches, 1920s to 1950s. Estate Finds


Old wrenches marked Ford, Dunlap, Billings. Possibly Model A usage.

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I picked these old wrenches up recently at an estate sale. Some are marked Ford, Dunlap, Billings, and others.

As pictured, top to bottom:
1- Box wrench, one side marked "3/4 Nickel Molybdenum 5/8", other side marked "USA". 6.5 inches long. Estimated 1950s.
2 - Open end, one side marked with a 1 on one end and a 2 on the other end with an M in a circle and another 1 in the center, the other side is marked "Ford". 5.25 inches long. I believe the ends are 3/4 and 5/8. Estimated 1920s - 30s.
3 - Open end, one side marked "1/2 Dunlap 9/16", the other side marked "Forged in U.S.A." with a letter V. 5.5 inches long. Estimated 1940s.
4 - Open end, one side marked "Billings Made in U.S.A." and the number 23, the other side marked "1/2 and 13/32". 4.5 inches long. Estimated 1920s-30s.
5 - Open end, one side is marked but I can't determine the sizes. Measuring it, I get 3/8 and 7/16. There is also an S in a circle, much like the Ford wrench listed above. The other side says "621". No brand name, believed to be Ford. 3.5 inches long. Estimated 1920s - 30s.

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5 old wrenches from estate sale
Ford Dunlap Billings Wrenches
5 old wrenches from estate sale