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Card Tricks, Quilt Pattern with Actual Size Templates

Card Tricks, Quilt Pattern with Actual Size Templates

Card Tricks, Quilt Pattern with Actual Size Templates


Card Tricks Quilt Pattern with Actual Size Templates. From Best Loved Quilt Patterns Series, Oxmoor House Inc. 1993

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From the introduction:
Card Tricks, a simple and popular pattern, is one of the few traditional quilting designs with a traceable history. A color variation of Ohio Star, the pattern first appeared in Beth Gutcheons The Perfect Patchwork Primer in 1973. Here we present a version that eliminates many of the extra seams, yet retains all the appeal of the original.

About the series:
This is one of probably a hundred quilt patterns that I will be listing. These patterns were part of a monthly subscription series. Each month, the recipient would receive a pack of 3 different patterns. It took several years to obtain the complete set.

This one is titled Card Tricks*. It was designated in the Basic Squares and Rectangles category. You will receive the brochure which tells the fabric requirements, the amount of pieces to cut, and instructions for piecing the quilt together. You will also receive actual templates that are the exact size needed to cut all the pieces of material. The templates are made of a hard, yet flexible plastic.

This pattern has never been used. If you receive templates that appear to have been cut out, that's because when first mailed out, templates for 2 or more quilts may have been imprinted on one 8 by 12 inch template sheet. To provide you with just the templates that you'll need for the quilt, I had to separate them from unrelated templates.

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Card Tricks, Quilt Pattern with Actual Size Templates
Quilt Pattern, Card Tricks
Card Tricks, Quilt Pattern with Actual Size Templates