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Cowboy Spurs, 8 point, Set of 2, Possibly 1950s

8 point, swan neck cowboy spurs. Set of 2. Probably 1950s.

Cowboy Spurs, 8 point, Set of 2, Possibly 1950s


8 Point Swan Neck Cowboy Spurs. 1950s

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I purchased this set of spurs at an estate sale recently. I got to speak with the elderly gentleman who owned these. I asked about their age and he didn't know for sure but said they're probably older than you are. I told him that I am over a half century old and he said that would probably be about right. So, I'm guessing that means they should be from the 1950's.

I had to research cowboy spurs to be able to describe these. They are one solid piece of metal (until you get to the rowel). They are considered Swan Neck Spurs. The rowel is 8 pointed, although they're more rounded on the spokes than they are pointed. From the open part, to the back of the yoke is 3.25 inches. The inside diameter, measuring at the area where the buttons are is just under 3 inches across. I do not know what type of metal they are made from. I touched a magnet to all parts, but it did not stick, not even on the rowels. They are silver in color, but do have some patina built up. I see no brand name or other identifying marks.

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8 point, swan neck cowboy spurs. Set of 2. Probably 1950s.
Cowboy Spurs
8 point, swan neck cowboy spurs. Set of 2. Probably 1950s.