is temporarily closed due to an out of state move. Please email with any questions or concerns. We will re-open just as soon as possible. 

First and foremost, please know that there is no such thing as 'free shipping'. Someone has to pay for it and when you see it being offered, you can rest assured that the shipping charges are factored in to a selling price. Also, please understand that the postal service sets and raises the cost, usually on an annual basis. I try to eat some of the costs, but will not stay in business long if I assume the entire cost and that's why you'll always see a shipping charge posted on my listings.

In addition to the shipping information included in each listing, please note the following.......         

If Paypal is the means by which payment is made, I can only ship to the registered Paypal address.

On single or multiple item purchases of $25 or more, postal insurance will be added.

On single or multiple item purchases of $50 or more, postal Signature Confirmation will be added. (Meaning the package must be signed for at the time of delivery).

Since these safeguards are for the protection of us both, I split those costs with the buyer.

Paypal will not guarantee the payment unless the above actions are included.