WELCOME to kenoticket's online store!

Kenoticket has been selling online for 20 years and has earned over 1400 positive feedback scores, a 100% rating. References provided upon request.


The inventory that I offer for sale comes mainly from estate sales.

An estate sale can be conducted for different reasons. One would be when someone gets a job transfer and doesn't want to move a household. Another would be when someone moves to a retirement community. I've been to a few where a couple divorced and the court ordered a liquidation of all the assets. And yes, an estate sale is held when a death has occurred and the home has to be emptied in order to be sold.

Most items are ready to be sold as soon as I obtain them. Some need a little cleaning, and some will have a great old patina built up which I leave for the new owners to see.

You'll see a disclaimer in each of my listings that since my products come from estate sales, I usually have no way of knowing their past living conditions regarding smoke or pets. If I attend a sale where there are obvious signs that smokers lived in the home, or that there were pets, I'll state that in my listing.  

After 14 years of selling, just a few weeks ago I received my first correspondence from a buyer who stated that an item had a smoke smell.

She said she was going to have the item cleaned. Because of the disclaimer I don't usually offer to do so, but she was so nice about it, that I offered to help with the cost. She told me that would not be necessary because she did see the disclaimer, but she thought I may have wanted to know. Which I am glad she told me.